Waldina Week in Review

How’s everyone doing? I know. Last week, I was up to 30 milligrams of CBD at 9:00pm to sleep through the night. I have switched to daily workouts to see if I can tire myself out enough instead. Times are not awesome. I used to be very anxious, a nail biter, insomniac, and whatnot. Let’s say I ‘grew’ out of it. Lots of work. But lately, I have noticed heightened levels of anxiety and have been seeking different ways to deal with it. I have an app on my phone that is called Momento, it is a journaling app that collects all the stuff you post on various social media platforms, but also has feature that you can type directly into it. So I use my voice to text feature and now it is my therapist. I don’t read them after they are saved, they are just there to get it out of my head. It works for me. They key is finding what works for you.

Back in March (Do you remember March? We were so bright-eyed and innocent.) I started posting a quote a day at noon, thinking I would get us through this pandemic with little Words To Live By posts. Well, I ran out of them and we are barely half-way through, from what it looks like. I re-upped/recycled them all and we are good until mid-October. But, I am just one person with two eyeballs and one brain. I would love some submissions from you. Do you have a quote that you like? Do you have a person that you think should be added to the birthday list? Let me know.

Right now, I have birthdays that get celebrated at the 9:00am hour and Words To Live By at the noon hour. I am going to brainstorm a series for the 10:00 and 11:00 hours. Even if it is just an image or song.

I want your suggestions. Here is a little comment form. Fill it out as much as you want and let me know if you would like for me to include your name/website/social media info. Send as many as you like, when you think of them.


 iconfinder_instagram_3709561 (1)  iconfinder_twiter_3709568



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