Waldina Week in Review

This week, I posted a few new projects to the menu bar of the website. One is a freshened-up post from years ago that was super popular and another is a completely new project that I have just started.

Up there is a 12 Disc series of music created long ago by a guy from San Francisco named Vince B. It features 328 songs by female-fronted punk rock bands from 1978 – 1989. It is by far the most popular post I have ever had. Here is a link to the new page:


The new project I am starting is hosting and archiving shows of KUOW’s The Swing Years and Beyond. This was a 5 hour radio show that aired on Saturday nights from 1968 to 2017 on Seattle’s NPR station. It focused on Big Band and Jazz music of the 1920s through the 1950s. Anyone who lived in Seattle in the last 50 years probably listened to it at some point, some of us were lucky enough to grow up listening to it. There was a time in my life when I used to spend Saturdays out at the family lake house doing projects and would drive back to Seattle listening to that program. I remember the car, I remember driving with the windows down, and I remember the music.

I am working with getting more programs posted, right now there is only five (still 25 hours) available, but I hope to expand the collection. Here is a link to the landing page (if you go to the menu bar, you can also choose a specific show):


A Week in Review that is actually a review of what I have done on Waldina? I am setting myself up for failure with that tight of format. The only thing you can expect from these weekly roundups is that they won’t happen every week, but when they do, there will probably be a Buster Keaton GIF as the featured image. Maybe you have noticed that I am slowly building up the number of posts per day/week? I am trying to create as much content as possible since we are all trapped inside. I have the posts celebrating the birthdays of people I find inspiring/interesting, posts celebrating the day a film premiered, posts commemorating the anniversary of an even in history we should remember, posts of interesting quotes, and posts of hilarious 70s classroom inspirational posters. In September, I have posts scheduled for Banned Books Week that celebrate important works of literature that are or were at one time banned. In the works, I have posts of 80s music videos, but the concept and format are still not there, so they may stay in the works for a while until I wrap my head around how they fit into the Waldina brand. The brand being simply inspiration we should remember, but I need to write up little blurbs for each video, I can’t just post a video with no explanation, this isn’t Facebook, we explain our nostalgia here. Perhaps over-explain at times.

How am I? I have noticed that no one is wasting time with the check in portion at the beginning of Zoom calls anymore, we all know we are barely functioning. It is implied that nothing exciting has happened since our last encounter. Nothing is OK. And since nothing is OK, that is the new normal. My new normal is grocery shopping like I am in a hybrid of The Hunger Games and Supermarket Sweeps, getting a pipe cleaner shoved deep into my nasal cavity every other Thursday, and forgetting which of the half-dozen streaming service I currently subscribe to has that one show that I started watching, but I cannot remember the name of. All while chipping away at the heteronormative cisgender infrastructure that some of you refer to as “our history.” So ya, nothing new.

OK, so we had another week. Tell me how you are holding up, use the comment box below.

Got a quote you love? Got an inspirational individual to celebrate? Favorite song? Leave it below and let me know how you want to be recognized (social media, blog, etc). Thank you!

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