Waldina Week in Review

It’s natural to be afraid of things you don’t understand. Your next step is to seek knowledge on the topic and then decide if it is a rational fear or an irrational fear. I mean, unless you want fear to be your ruler. Or you are lazy. Or you are more afraid of confronting your own biases than you are of growth. I don’t ned to put a finer point on it.

There is no avoiding death and if you pay even the slightest attention to the news, there is no avoiding personalizing it in some fashion. I think about death as much as the next guy. Maybe more? Most of the people that are profiled on here have died, I usually retain the information of how they died and where their remains are. I listen to an aggressive list of true crime podcasts. I know a lot of people that have died. I am not sure if it is actually unhealthy, this controlled obsession. I know that there are no guarantees and we all do not get the luxury of dying in our sleep at 89. Some of us will drop dead in the supermarket, some of us will be auto fatalities, some of us… You get the picture, I mean, we are in a pandemic.

I know in some way, this extra project I have been working on here in part due to my thoughts about death. I have been stockpiling scheduled posts. As of today, I have scheduled over 300 posts to be published over the next year. Each day I live longer, there are more posts and the date of the last one changes by a day or so.

Morbid? Probably. Leave your thoughts in the comments, I won’t be reading them. I will be dead. If I don’t die, I will have done a lot of heavy lifting for the next year’s worth of posts. Seems like a win-win.

I went to a new barber this week. It was time for a real but by someone that knows what they are doing. He asked me what my hobbies are and I said “HBO”. I’m not lying, I work, I keep this little dog and pony show going, and I watch TV. We are not allowed to do much more. **Next week, I may start canning my own zucchini relish, but is that a hobby you tell a new barber? I did get to thinking that I should get a hobby. I had thought about day drinking and TikTok videos, but then Trump started showing interest in it. Maybe creating 300+ scheduled posts is a hobby? I rarely mention this website IRL, I just am shy about coming off as bragging. I mean, it is moderately successful.

Got a quote you love? Got an inspirational individual to celebrate? Favorite song? Leave it below and let me know how you want to be recognized (social media, blog, etc). Thank you!

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