Waldina Week in Review

Are you like me? Are you always in need of a new series, podcast, something to have at the ready for when, say, the EPA and CDC are both telling you to stay indoors? Do you want to find out that that 80s sitcom you loved as a kid not only doesn’t hold up to present day entertainment levels, but it is actually seriously problematic? Trust me, you don’t. Instead, I shall be dropping recommendations here as I find them.

You should be listening to the new podcast from a dear friend Susannah Corwin (AKA Vickie Lester) called Beguiling Hollywood. Right now, she is reading from Hollywood & Mine, her latest novel. I was given the .pdf last year and absolutely adored it. Maybe you remember when I wrote about her It’s In His Kiss a while back? There are a some of the same characters in this installment, it is earlier in her life. You should listen. Here is the link:

Hollywood & Mine Episode 1

From that episode link, it will take you to any of the podcast subscription services you prefer. Here is a link to the entire It’s In His Kiss audiobook on SoundCloud:

That is several hours of quality entertainment that will transport you away from your pandemic wildfire quarantine to a happier place. It has been my goal to create as much content as possible, full of distractions and suggestions for further distractions. The above are very great ones you should indulge.

Every month, my barber asks me what I am watching. Most everyone is trapped inside and are finding ways to pass the time, mostly through streaming subscriptions. We currently have Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, and Hulu. I have had us on Acorn and Britbox until we exhausted their libraries of interesting content. At this point, we should be unashamed of the questionably passable background noise we are choosing. Most of yesterday, I watched a reality TV show on Netflix about a group of engineers and mechanics that rebuild old cars. I also canned 8 jars of tomato citrus marmalade and 3 jars of cabbage soup. We have got to keep finding distractions.

share me your distractions in the comments.

One comment

  1. I found it distracting that Samuel Pepys buried his wheel of Parmesan cheese during the great fire of London, in September of 1666, so I’ve been reading history. My long walks have been curtailed by that stuff the EPA has been warning us about, so it’s indoor pursuits…my house has never been so clean 😉 . Thank you so much for posting about my read-aloud novel. Recording it has kept me sane. xox


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