Waldina Week in Review

I don’t think anyone anywhere thinks 2020 was awesome, even people that owned pre-pandemic Amazon and Zoom stock. It has been a dumpster fire. There was a point earlier this week that I sent a text to a friend declaring that I was going to delete all social media and this blog, go offline, send post cards, and read books made of paper. My despair is dramatic by default. Obviously, you are reading this, so my despair is also full of empty threats. In truth, I think social media probably got us through most of 2020. Later today, I will be cleaning up my feeds and starting fresh, hopefully with a refocused perspective of how I always want to represent myself online. But for fun, I have broken down where I am, how I use it, and what value I see in it.

Facebook. Love-hate, probably hate-love. I have trimmed my friends list and the pages I follow so precisely, bonsai trees are jealous. Opinions and beliefs are not changed through a Facebook discussion. They aren’t. There is absolutely no reason to allow those internet trolls access to comment negatively on your posts. I want to see people’s pets, what they ate, and whatever content from the groups I follow.

Twitter. Normally, I use Twitter as an archive of everything that happens on the internet. Website and Instagram posts get cross-posted automatically there. Lately, it has been where I have been savagely trolling the Trump administration and family, Karens, evangelical church leaders that claim COVID-19 is God’s punishment until they get COVID-19, and any other bad citizen I happen to click by on any given day. I don’t threaten, I highlight. I am not on my best behavior, but Twitter clearly doesn’t seem to care about that or my whopping 44 followers don’t. Tonight, I will be editing that feed and on Monday it will be back to focusing on things I find inspiring. Unless I need to cut a bitch.

Waldina. Aside from posting videos of protest songs on election day. This is where I highlight people, places, things that inspire me. I hope that will be able to be much more of my focus going forward. I like the daily quotes or songs, I think it is a nice mix. I have been creating scheduled posts that will automatically publish over the next year, so even if I am away from my laptop, content is created. There are over 1,350 people that have subscribed to the website and gets roughly 750 hits a day. It’s my little corner of internet. I want to believe it is because of the content and it’s consistency for remembering and celebrating the good we have created in the world.

Instagram. Mostly, I post shorter birthday highlights from Waldina. I post more random stuff to the Stories, but mostly, it is just birthday celebrations.

TikTok. TikTok probably got me through several months of the pandemic. The more you watch and like videos, the more similar content you are shown. It creates feeds that get named for what the majority of the content is. I am a citizen of Gay TikTok, Witch TikTok, Democrat TikTok, and Chef Tiktok. I need to see ridiculous videos, clever videos, and hilarious videos. I will watch a middle school boy drag makeup transformation, a guy beer-bong a White Claw with his Grandmother, a guy scream profanity at Trump Tower every morning, a woman cast a spell on various protagonists to humanity, and a chef make pork hum bau. I am much more of a TikTok troll than a poster, I post videos of Scraps running or breakdancing in the grass.

LinkedIn. It’s not social media. Everyone has it and you get to delete it when you retire.

What am I missing? Who should I follow? Who should I profile? What should I create?

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  1. I think you’ve summed it up well. No suggestions for you just asking that you not disappear without informing us where you’re headed. Cheers to a better day and year ahead!


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