Waldina Year In Review

It is universally agreed that 2020 was a demonic donkey-punch dumpster fire. I had a lot of high hopes last January about all the great things I was going to accomplish this year, especially since it was the year I turned 50 years old. I wanted to do accomplish new things as often as possible this year. I basically watched a lot of TV and worked. I stayed inside. Since we weren’t allowed to do a lot of things, I decided to create as much content as possible. I know we all need distractions.

In January, I self-published a book of poetry that sold a couple dozen copies. It is still available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

In the spring, I updated and hosted 12 streaming audio files of the music anthology: A Reference Of Female-Fronted Punk Rock: 1977-89 I put the first disc below, the entire post is HERE.

Over the summer, I collected a hundred or so hours of KUOW’s Swing Years and Beyond shows and hosted them on my here. They are popular posts with Big Band enthusiasts that remember the Saturday night programs. You can hear one below and find the rest on them on the navigation bar. Below is the first hour from the April 18, 2015 show, the entire list of shows can be found HERE. I hope to be adding more as they are shared with me.

In December of this year, I finally finished a project that I started years ago. I rescued the writings of a friend that had passed away before I gave back a laptop that he had borrowed, lightly edited and formatted them, and published a book. All the proceeds will be given to his family or to a cause they choose. I would never been able to complete the editing process without the help of my friend the author Susannah Corwin. Read all about her and her books HERE.

This year, all of us contemplated our mortality. I mean, I did and I figure I am not that unique of an individual when confronted with a murderous global pandemic. OK, some of us probably didn’t contemplate our mortality, but I am guessing those people are still doing keg stands in Fort Lauderdale and probably aren’t reading this. With that contemplation comes reflection (as does editing a dead friend’s writing (see above)). So I did a thing. If I were do die tomorrow, I have banked well over 800 posts that are scheduled to be posted over the next year. The trick is to not try to do them all at once, I have been working on this since early July. So, you will get birthdays, movies, quotes, and videos nearly every day for a year after I am gone. Assuming I prepay my domain posting. Creepy? Absolutely. The real creepy thing is that if that happens, they will keep coming, but one day, they will stop with zero warning or fanfare. That date will be when I am really gone.


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