Waldina Week in Review

I know. These don’t happen every week or at any sort of expected increment of time. They happen now and then, but the Week in Review title is just handy.

Subscribers keep growing, which is really great. To think, over 1,400 people have opted in to receive an email or an alert every time the site gets updated is crazy. Waldina.com will be 11 on May 18th. Did I mean to start this journey on the anniversary Mt. Saint Hellens erupted (1980) or my grandfather died (1988)? I don’t believe so, but seeing as this site has become centered around dates people were born and dates things happened, it fits.

I have also scheduled over 1,000 posts to be published over the next 12 months. This year has made me hyper-aware of the fragility of life. Any of us could die tomorrow. Even if I do, I will post updates from beyond the grave. I know it’s spooky and creepy, I’m ok with it.

I have spent this year in pandemic creating as much content as possible. I have been constantly adding to the daily posts by researching more people and events, film premiers, book publish dates, memorable quotes, and music videos that pop into my head.

I self-published a book of poetry last year, it sold copies in the dozens.

I am hosting an archive of 25 The Swing Years and Beyond shows (each 5 hours long), it’s a big band and swing music program that was on KUOW, the local Seattle NPR station for decades.

Late last year, I edited and published a book of writings of a friend that died 13 years ago. I sent 15 copies to his family and have only told one other person. I haven’t figured out how to promote it to our mutual friends without it seeming like me humble-bragging about the really cool thing I did.

I celebrate some of the posts on instagram and have created TikTok videos of some famous quotes I like.

I have been sending postcards every week to 21 people that signed up (or I signed up) to get them. An unexpected side effect was getting postcards back.

Basically, I am distracting myself with content creation. Feel free to suggest something else.

Here are the links:

Swing Years and Beyond
You’ll Get Mail – Join the Postcard List

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