The Sisters Of Mercy – “Dominion/Mother Russia” (1987)

The Sisters Of Mercy – “Dominion/Mother Russia” (1987)

The foreboding goth sounds of the Sisters Of Mercy made for a perfect pairing with blackened, late Cold War themes. A corroded and roaring epic, “Dominion/Mother Russia” was Andrew Eldritch’s indictment of Cold War politics, with lines like “A white house in a red square” collapsing the two superpowers into a shared villainy. Overall, though, it was driven by a more anti-American sentiment. It eventually charges headlong into an outro inspired by the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, with Eldritch intoning “Mother Russia/ Mother Russia/ Mother Russia rain down, down, down.” It became a common image: the idea of radiation spreading through the air and falling down on civilians everywhere.

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