Waldina Week in Review

I know it says it’s a Week in Review, like I make weekly updates. Well, we all know that isn’t true. I need to wait until there is something interesting to do an update. So here we are, an interesting update.

A while back, I started turning some of the daily posts into podcasts. It was an accessibility issue that I wanted to fix and by turning them into audio posts, I am allowing additional access to the people, places, and things that inspire me. They are available every place you find podcasts, the most recent one is featured at the top of the Podcast link in the menu bar as well as links to a bunch of podcast apps where you can subscribe and listen HERE.

I have had a file saved in my Google Drive for over 13 years titled Jared_Washines_total and it contains all the writings of a friend that I could find from his hard drive and social media profiles. Right after he died in 2007, I had to return a laptop he had borrowed from a friend, found a bunch of stuff he wrote, forwarded it to myself, and then added anything else I could find. Then there it sat, gathering digital dust. Not until his sister told me she named her son after him did I have a reason to do anything with them. Thinking about it, Jared’s nephew would never know his uncle. Turning his writing into a book that can be saved and given to him seemed like the best use of it. I sent her a bunch of copies and if any additional copies are sold, I plan on donating it to the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women fund.

I have also been creating funny little lined notebooks for sale on Amazon. As of right now, four are published, with three more being reviewed and published later next week. They are just funny ideas that I have for covers. I have sold none.

I will update the Books menu bar tab with every book as they go live.

Last December, I launched a post titled You’ll Get Mail and it asked people to send me their mailing addresses and I would send them postcards. It was cross-posted to all the socials, as they say and I ended up with 28 addresses. Different states and even different countries. I am averaging sending each address a postcard every week. I am finding vintage ones on Etsy and making new ones, the hardest part is finding interesting things to write on them.

During last year’s lockdown, I told you I was going to not going to take up baking bread, but create content. I am creating content and will be creating content. I hope you can come along for some of it.

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