Year in Review

This year, I started a podcast related to Waldina and have some of more obvious audio-focused posts converted to podcasts, as well as posting some of my favorite radio plays, music programs, and other random audio recordings I like. I started doing it to create more accessibility for the daily posts and fell into really liking finding content that works well in the podcast format. I have banked over a year’s worth of audio plays, scheduled for all of 2022 and into the spring of 2023.

This year, I started off trying to change my work environment by sticking up for myself. Sadly, it didn’t work. One person cannot change a broken, abusive, passive aggressive culture alone. People quit managers more than they quit companies and when you cannot fix your situation, the only way to protect and honor yourself is to leave it. It’s not the first (or even the third) time I have quit a job because of a terrible manager. Mid-year, I moved on to a much better job with a bunch of fun coworkers and a lot of positive/constructive feedback. In December, I was promoted to a management position because my skills and abilities are recognized and valued. The old job is a distant memory, every once in a while I remember some ridiculous action one of them did and wonder how all of them managed to be so successful at failing up into leadership roles. I mean they are successful in getting impressive job titles, they are still failures in doing those roles and as decent human beings. (It’s ok, they don’t read this, that would require them having interest in something other than themselves.)

This year, I lost 30 pounds. It was gained slowly over lockdown, until nothing fits and I was depressed about my lack of energy and appearance. I started limiting my caloric intake, set an overall goal, daily activity goals, and didn’t get a rest day or a cheat day until I hit my goals. I made the decision to change and didn’t quit until I did it. I have managed to keep the goal weight and activity level for over six months. I feel much better physically and mentally, I go to the gym a lot, watch what I eat and allow small treats now and then, and sleep really well every night.

This year, I shaved my head. I made it through most of lockdown without doing anything drastic, then I got an appointment to get a haircut and she did such a poor job that I bought clippers and shaved it all off. I have kept it short ever since.

This year, I changed all my social media names from @TheRealSPA to @ScottAndPark because even though SPA are my initials, most everyone thought I was a place you can get massages and facials. Sure, the new one does sound like directions given to a cab driver, but it is hard to find available names without using numbers. So find me on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok on the corner of @ScottAndPark. Should I add in my bios: “my little corner of the internet”?

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