You Say You Want A Resolution

The last couple years, my resolutions have been to create as much content as possible. We were trapped indoors for months, so I was dedicated to making as many distractions as possible. In doing so, I have banked over 1,500 Waldina posts for 2022:

  • Birthdays
  • Movie premieres
  • Music Mondays
  • Words to Live By Wednesdays
  • Fun Fact Fridays

I have also banked about 15 months worth of podcasts, already scheduled through the spring of 2023.

Here’s the thing: If these last few years haven’t made you constantly examine your mortality, you are lucky. Every sniffle I have, a moment of a self-diagnosed COVID-19 positive test results flashes through my brain and I start tying up loose ends before I’m on a ventilator. The thought passes as quickly as it came, but it comes back again and again throughout the day. So I bank content.

If everything goes along without any major detours and I am able to be status quo-ish for 2022, I hope to:

  • Work out regularly and maintain my weight and fitness
  • Unsubscribe for as many email lists as possible
  • Get more tattoos
  • Go to the ocean more

Le me know what you plan on doing for 2023.

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