Madame Sin (1972)

Fifty years ago today, the film Madame Sin premiered. It is campy without Bette Davis, so imagine how campy it is with her. It is goddamn brilliant. You have to see this film.

Directed by: David Greene
Produced by: Lew Grade, Lou Morheim, Robert Wagner, Julian Wintle
Written by: David Greene, Barry Oringer
Starring: Bette Davis, Robert Wagner
Music by: Michael Gibbs
Cinematography: Anthony B. Richmond
Release date: 15 January 1972 (US)
Running time: 75 minutes

Bette Davis is Madame Sin, a sinister-looking, totally evil, half-Chinese woman who indulges in endless machinations. Ensconced in a Scottish castle that is packed with an array of spy gadgetry, she runs afoul with counter spy, American C.I.A. Agent Anthony Lawrence (Robert Wagner), who is out to counter her plots for control of a Polaris submarine.


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