Music Monday – “Saved By Zero” – THE FIXX (1983)

“Saved by Zero” is a song by British new wave band The Fixx. Released in 1983, it was the lead single off their second album, Reach the Beach, and is one of the group’s best known hits. Their signature song is the follow-up single “One Thing Leads to Another”.

Brian Grant had been chosen by MCA to direct the music video for “Saved by Zero”. While the label had previously been financially apprehensive with the Fixx, upon the rising commercial significance of music videos, a large budget was granted for “Saved by Zero”, allegedly providing “lunches, massages, and fourteen stylists.” The heavy price tag, however, ultimately persuaded MCA to financially lighten up in future endeavors.

The beginning of the video pays homage to the 1941 film classic Citizen Kane by Orson Welles. The premise sees Cy Curnin playing a painter who creates the artwork for Reach the Beach. He is stranded at a flat, and he reminisces about his childhood. Another scene features Curnin painting his naked torso with white and red acrylic paint tubes.

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