VD is for Everybody (1969)

The American Social Health Association was always experimenting with new ways to educate the public about venereal disease. They helped produce the first VD education film, “Fit to Fight”, in 1918 in order to educate soldiers being shipped abroad to fight in the first World War. Although this popular TV public service announcement informs the public that everybody is susceptible to venereal disease, strangely, it also seems to imply that having VD will make you successful, attractive and happy. Also, the song is quite infectious…

One comment

  1. What seems to be the real. message here is “IF you think you have it, report it”. Before the swinging 60s, people were ashamed of Veneral Disease. The Church Lady looked down on you for getting it (Unless it was from your husband. And then you had to become more active to keep him from running astray). This is an early attempt to get everyone to see VD as everyone’s problem. (They tried to do that with AIDs as well, but no one really bought into that.)

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