Banned Books Week, Day 4

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Ways you can resist Banned Books:

  1. Read a banned book. Read it in public. Post your short review on social media. Stories have power, and the more people who read a story, and share that story with others, the harder it is to silence that story. Check the book out from your local library because they keep track of demand, or purchase the book from an independent bookseller.
  2. Report a banned book. According to the American Library Association, at least 80% of challenged titles go unreported. The American Library Association has an excellent resource for reporting censorship of books. Visit their website to fill out the information about a book that was banned to raise awareness.
  3. Donate books. A lot of libraries, shelters, schools, and nonprofits in your area accept donations of books. Verify first.
  4. Start a banned books club. All types of book clubs are popular, start one focused on banned and challenged books.
  5. Attend PTA meetings, school board and library board meetings. If so inspired, run for a seat on those boards.

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