You Say You Want A Resolution

It’s a grim gif to start off a resolution post, I know. There’s really no hidden meaning. I will include some cheerier ones. I mean, I guess on a scale of one to ten of existential doom, I am a resting four. Take that as you will.

Unsubscribe. I started doing this a bit earlier because of all the holiday email ads that fill up our inboxes. I like to spend the month of January unsubscribing from nearly every email I get. My simple rule is if I plan on deleting it without reading it, then I may as well unsubscribe from it. The same action is applied to text messages. I end up sub and re-subscribing to some newsletters and businesses over the year, but it is nice to have a fresh and nearly empty inbox in the morning.

Diet. Exercise. For at least the first month of 2023, I plan on being very strict with my diet. Just like most people, I tend to get a bit squishy the last part of the year. Eating more than usual and different foods and stress can all add up. My ideal January is eating as close to an anti-inflammatory keto-ish diet as possible. I also hope to increase my activity and be more consistent at the gym. If I can do at least a little bit of something every day, that will be all I need to feel the improvement. If you know of a good way we can motivate each other, let me know.

Work. December is a stressful time of year for anyone that works in retail. I find that my frustrations and dissatisfactions grow. Just like with everything, January is a great time to reset, re-evaluate, and any other ‘re’ that you can think of. My goal with work has always been I need to look forward to coming to work, overall. My goal is to do my best every day to be satisfied (if not proud) of the time and interactions I had that day. I like to spend January getting back to that standard. I work at Nordstrom. Click HERE if you want to be added to my book, I can help with anything.

Socials. I thought about deleting all social media from my phone, but I really don’t think I spend that much time on it. I could delete the apps and barely notice, but I can say that I do not plan on adding any new ones to the list. As people leave Twitter, they feel they need to find an alternative, I don’t. I post to TikTok and Instagram content related to what I post on Some day, I should post a photo of a meal or a gym selfie, just to mix it up. I could film a day-in-the-life… I will probably just stick to the content type I am doing. If you are out there in the socials, and want to add me, I am @ScottAndPark wherever I am. Click HERE to see the options.

Fashion. I am wearing a lot of black, mostly black, ok, almost exclusively all black all the time. I am only buying things in black right now. On most days, I look like a preppy vampire or a goth going golfing. I like all black, it is in a lot of ways, the anti-fashion fashion. We shall see this summer when I am attempting to curate a ‘beach funeral’ capsule collection. Oh, but I am also on the hunt for a kilt-type skirt, solid black. I am having a hard time finding anything I like that isn’t in the Thom Browne price range. Feel free to send over any recommendations.

Honestly, we are all just trying to get through it. Every day. Find little things each day that you can do to make something better, for yourself and for others. Hold the door open for people. Look at art. Order the dessert. Take the trip. Return the shopping cart.

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