Every week, I update my list of Weekly Obsessions that I find at the Nordstrom Flagship in Seattle, WA. We can connect and I can help you find yours:

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Weekly Obsessions 7/17 – 7-25 My second full week finds started to venture out into other areas to include this brand of crazy dog toys, my go to lip balm for years, some great anniversary products, a great soap, and as always an SPF. Click HERE to be taken directly to this collection. Let me know what you think. – Scott

Weekly Obsessions 7/12-7/18 – I just completed my first week at Nordstrom, selling Le Labo perfumes, candles, and personal care products. Here is a list of my favorite discoveries. I have been a fan of the Patchouli 24 for years, the room spray, travel tube, deodorant, shave cream, and hand pomade are new. I hope you like coming along on my journey with as I me sharing my discoveries. Click HERE to be taken directly to this collection. -Scott